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Now more than ever, sophisticated clients deserve sophisticated counsel. Baden Law's professionals work closely with clients to understand and meet their needs. Our responsive, value-added approach to representation distinguishes us from big-law, as we use real world experience to exceed client expectations, on time and on budget.

Baden Law attorneys can help form companies, resolve disputes, memorialize agreements, protect and enhance intellectual property rights and ensure that its clients' business practices and decisions are sound.


Baden Law professionals draw on their expertise to provide guidance on corporate formation and governance, regulatory issues, labor and employment disputes, intellectual property, and transaction and licensing matters. Baden Law also offers outside general counsel services both to assist those clients who lack in-house counsel capacity or as an extension of our clients' existing legal department. As a result, our clients enjoy the liberty to focus on running their business without overly worrying about its legal aspects.

Baden Law offers a unique pairing of experience and efficiency for our clients. We assist clients in preserving their intellectual property rights, including those in copyright, trademark and trade secrets. We concentrate our efforts to maximize our clients' intellectual property rights immediately and in the future. Baden Law professionals take a hard look at what our clients need in view of their particular circumstance, rather than rely on boilerplate templates like so many other firms.

Baden Law professionals work with clients in a broad array of industries on the full range of contract drafting and review, and the licensing of both real and intellectual property. We represent clients in transactional and licensing matters ranging in size from a few tens of thousands to several hundred million dollars. No matter the size of the issue, Baden Law professionals unwaveringly serve their clients.

Baden Law professionals provide practical, results-oriented counsel to businesses in the areas of corporate formation and ongoing operations, financing, mergers and acquisition, and complex sale and licensing transactions. We have a practical understanding of the issues businesses face, including division of equity positions, preserving intellectual property rights, meeting regulatory guidelines, employment and contractor matters, and conducting due diligence in complicated transactions or reorganizations. 

Baden Law offers experienced litigators who have managed numerous cases to successful conclusion for their clients. Our approach to litigation is evaluate potential and actual litigation at the earliest stage to determine if the matter can be resolved efficiently and economically with the client's best interest at heart. Baden Law litigators consistently deliver winning results for clients, including those in financial institutions, high tech companies, telecommunication companies, private equity firms and startups.

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